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Western States Roofing Contractors Association is very proud of the individuals who have given more than their share to make the association what it is today. For these individuals, we have awarded them the following:


Board Member of the Year

1985 Frank E. Lawson Jr.
The Lawson Roofing Company Inc.

1987 Dean Van Dyne
VanDyne & Sons Roofing

1989 James Miner
Hester Roofing

1991 Lorne Memmott
Modern Method Roofing

1993 K.C. Kent Stanley
Stanley Roofing Company

1995 Kenneth C. Barnhardt
Quality Roofing & Sheet Metal

1997 Connie Douglas
Lowe Roofing

1999 Ron Haight
Haight Roofing

2001 William Kramer
Industrial Roofing

2003 Carole Lowrance
Reinhardt Roofing

2005 Gary Martin
G.M. Roofing & Maintenance

2007 Gene Meyer
Meyer Brothers Roofing Company

2009 Michael Trotter
Front Range Roofing

2010 Michael Tory
Tory’s Roofing, Inc.

2012 Brad Baker
Professional Roofing

2014 Bruce Radenbaugh
Bilt-Well Roofing & Solar

2016 Don Fry
Fry Roofing, Inc.

1986 Gaylord Blue
Blue’s Roofing

1988 Andrew Radonich
Old Town Roofing

1990 Walter N. Crow
Crow Roofing & Sheet Metal

1992 Roy Bolt
McDonald & Wetle

1994 Lee Tolley
McIntosh Roofing

1996 Steven P. Duchene
Bigham-Taylor Roofing, Inc.

1998 Donald Summers
Specialty Roofing

2000 Dan Cornwell
CC&L Roofing Company

2002 William Kramer
Industrial Roofing

2004 Bill Baley
Pegnato & Pegnato Roof Management

2006 Chris Dean
Dean Roofing Company

2008 Travis Nelson
Brown Roofing Company

2009 Bruce Hunter-Duschel
BD Roofing Co.

2011 Darin Douglas
Lowe Roofing, Inc.

2013 Steve Reardon
Enterprise Roofing

2015 George Madsen
Madsen Roofing Company, Inc.

2017 Don Fry
Fry Roofing, Inc.


Western Roofing Award

1981 Robert “Kink” Clawson
Innovative Roofing Consultants

1982 Joseph M. Castro
Castro Roofing & Waterproofing Co.


Appreciation Award

1999 Mr. & Mrs. Hoot Lowrimore
Success Roofing



Outstanding Service Award

1987 Marc Dodson
Dodson Publication

1989 John T. Banister
ARC of the Bay Area Counties

1995 Donald Bosnick
Bosnick Roofing

1999 Donald Summers
Specialty Roofing

2001 James Carlson
Building Envelope T&R

2005 Kenneth C. Barnhardt
Quality Roofing & Sheet Metal

2009 John Cleasby
Cleasby Manufacturing

2017 Greg Bloom
Allied Building Products


1988 Melvin G. Wagner
M.G. Wagner Company

1994 Roy Bolt
McDonald & Wetle, Inc.

1997 Greg Malarkey
Malarkey Roofing Company

2000 Arlene M. Lawson
Western States RCA

2005 Keith Sanders
GAF Building Materials

2006 Greg Malarkey
Malarkey Roofing Products

2014 Bob Porter
Davis Memorial Foundation


WSRCA Hall of Fame Award

1989 Joedy Becker
Modern Roofing & Insulation

1989 C.A. Pat Lease
Stockton Roofing Company

1989 Garry Tolley

1991 Wayne Mullis
Bryant-Universal Roofing Inc.

1993 Joseph Castro
Castro Roofing & Waterproofing

1995 Lorne Memmott
Modern Method Roofing

1999 John Zamrzla
Western Pacific Roofing

2002 Donald Summers
Specialty Roofing

2007 Bob Porter
The Davis Memorial Foundation

2012 Kenneth C. Barnhardt
Quality Roofing & Sheet Metal

2017 Marc Dodson
Western Roofing Magazine


1989 Roy Bolt
McDonald & Wetle

1989 Arnold W. Schmautz

1990 Robert “Kink” Clawson
Innovative Roofing Consultants

1992 Frank E. Lawson Jr.
The Lawson Roofing Company Inc.

1994 Gaylord Blue
Blue’s Roofing

1997 James Miner
Hester Roofing

2000 Donald Bosnick
Bosnick Roofing

2004 Sam Abdulaziz
The Law Offices of Abdulaziz, Grossbart and Rudman

2010 Pat Large
Quality Tile Roofing

2014 Jim Carlson
Building Envelope Technology & Research