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SUNDAY - JUNE 9, 2018



Golf Tournament: Revere Golf Club 

Sponsored by: Allied Building Products 

Enjoy a day of golf, fun, great prizes and networking. The Revere Golf Club presents a blend of beauty and challenge unlike any other in southern Nevada. Draped through the rugged desert canyons and valleys of the Las Vegas foothills, The Revere Golf Club offers unending, awe-inspiring views of the Las Vegas Skyline and mountains beyond. Our group will be playing the Concord Course, a stunning 7,143-yard, par-72 layout that will test your shot making capabilities with classic risk/reward scenario.



Sporting Clays Tournament: Pro Gun Club 

Sponsored by: Allied Building Products 

Pro Gun Club offers a challenging 21-station sporting clays course, which can give the master class shooter a run for his money while the beginner shooter can go out and enjoy a day busting clays. Stations are changed frequently so shooters will never get bored at seeing the same targets over and over again. Strap your shotgun in to one of their golf carts and set off into the rolling desert terrain stopping at each station to shoot. The course overlooks the El Dorado Valley and Boulder City providing a scenic setting for the shooter’s enjoyment.



“Life in a Male Dominated Industry” – Dealing with the Differences and Challenges 

National Women in Roofing (NWIR) Program & Reception

Speakers: Thea Dudley, SRS Distribution 

Thea Dudley is the VP of Financial Services at SRS Distribution with over 25 years’ experience in construction credit and collection management. Thea has worked tirelessly in the construction industry to champion education, presenting seminars and webinars for many organizations. Thea has been published in ProSales Magazine and is active in the National Association of Credit Managers.


This interactive session is based off the article Thea wrote for ProSales Magazine. As the National Women in Roofing association grows and more women are taking on leadership roles or are trying to, the challenges faced and how to deal with them grow as well. The conversation is larger than just this one topic, such as how to get more youth into our industry, more diversity, addressing the challenges becomes a front running topic. As someone who has lived it, had to deal with and live in the “good ole boy network”, survive insecure managers and co-workers (both men and women), fought to be heard while not being someone`s wife, mother, daughter or girlfriend, it is “ok” to bring the issues and challenges to light in a focused conversation. While unconventional and maybe a bit unique in the presentation, Thea truly believes this would make a huge impact and spotlight the industry’s willingness to discuss, promote and move forward.



Welcome Party & Lively-Silent Auction 

Sponsored by: GAF 

Fun, great food, hosted bars, camaraderie and lots of great auction items… everyone walks away with a smile! Auction items include: vacations, jewelry, roofing materials, electronics, golf clubs, sports memorabilia and much more to bid on! Entry into the Welcome Party & Lively-Silent Auction is FREE for all exhibitors and WSRCA members. 


*Badge required. **$40 Ticket fee for non-members.


All proceeds from the tournaments and auction benefit the Davis Memorial Foundations’s Scholarship Fund. These scholarships are made available to aspiring high school, technical, vocational trade, undergraduate and graduate students. Since its founding in 1997, the Foundation has awarded over 100 scholarships totaling more than $400,000 – thanks to your continued support!



MONDAY - JUNE 10, 2018



Silicones, Acrylics, Polyurethanes and More! What Coatings Should I Choose? 


Speaker: George Daisey – Dow Chemical Company

George Daisey is a Research Scientist at The Dow Chemical Company. George started his career at Dow in 1985 as a co-op student. Upon earning both a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Minor Degree in Chemistry from Drexel University in 1988, George began working for Dow in Ion Exchange Resins. George moved to the Coatings department in 1990. In 1996, George became the Group Leader of the Exterior Exposure Group and developed a system for entering, retrieving, and tracking exposure data on a global scale. In 2002, George joined Dow Construction Chemicals becoming and expert in EIFS, water & air barrier coatings, and Elastomeric Roof & Wall Coatings. George holds one US Patent. George is a member of ASTM, the Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology, Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and the Roof Coating Manufacturer’s Association (RCMA). George resides in New Jersey with his wife and youngest son.


There are so many types of roof coatings on the market, but which do I choose for my commercial building? What factors can make one coating more preferable than another? How do I decide? This course will review the different types of coatings, features and benefits, and provide guidance on when to choose which coating.


Technology for Roofing Estimates – How to Adapt and Keep Up with Change

Speaker: Chris Baughman – EagleView Technology

Chris Baughman is the Regional Director for Contractor Sales at EagleView, which provides high-resolution aerial imagery, roof and wall measurements, and property data to the construction and insurance industries. A former contractor, Chris has spent the past seven years at EagleView and has seen automated roof measurements evolve in that time. Please join Chris to learn about what aerial imagery and measurements can do for your roofing business.


Roofers are constantly experiencing the struggle between juggling time and placing more bids. By leveraging 3D technology and high-resolution oblique aerial imagery, roofers are able to maximize time and reduce human error in every roofing job. Using technology, the process is minimized, leaving time for more bids every day. Instead of visiting the property for a manual inspection, roofers can review the property with imagery, plug-in the measurements given from the imagery data to calculate the materials needed, then head to the property to present an accurate estimate on the first visit. Not only does it save time, but it puts more money in your pocket, reduces exposure to safety risks while inspecting the roof, and reduce waste in material orders. Presenting a detailed report with 3D imagery to a prospective customer without already visiting the property can make you look professional and detail-oriented. The attendee will leave the session understanding the benefits.


The Impact of the Legalization of Marijuana in the Construction Industry 

Speaker: Trent Cotney – Trent Cotney, P.A. 

As a Board Certified Construction Lawyer, Trent focuses his practice on all aspects of construction litigation and arbitration, including OSHA defense, lien law, bond law, and bid protests, as well as construction document review and drafting. He routinely represents general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, developers, and others in the construction industry in a variety of matters. Trent has been recognized as one of the leading attorneys in the field by his peers and the construction industry and has received numerous honors and distinctions as identified below. He is the editor and primary author of the Amazon best-selling book OSHA Defense for the Construction Industry.


Due to the changing laws regarding marijuana use, contractor employers may be wondering whether an employee can smoke marijuana during his lunch break or whether employees can take their “medicine” before heading into work. In addition to the concern of having employees high on the job, employers are likely wondering how they are able to enact policies to provide a safer work environment by barring the use of marijuana on the job. This seminar will help to explain the different rights and options of both the employers and its respective employees with regard to regulating the use of marijuana at work.



Roofing is a Team Sport

Speaker: Gregg Wallick – Best Roofing 

A second generation professional roofing contractor, Best Roofing’s President and CEO, Gregg Wallick’s knowledge and passion for the industry is the driving force behind Best Roofing’s reputation, growth and success. Gregg is also the Founder & CEO of a sales automation software company that was developed for Best Roofing called “FollowUp Power.” Prior to purchasing Best Roofing, Gregg was the Founder, President and CEO of General Roofing Services. At Gregg’s departure they were the largest roofing contracting business in the United States with over 2,800 employees. As a former captain of the Miami Hurricanes football team, Gregg believes the principles that were taught and the ambitions that were fueled on the athletic field still hold true today.


Identify the four growth hurdles: 1st Growth Hurdle -- $1,000,000 +/- revenue -- $with 10+/- full-time employees 2nd Growth Hurdle -- $10,000,000 +/- revenue -- with 75+/- full-time employees 3rd Growth Hurdle -- $30,000,000 +/- revenue -- With 175+ employees 4th Growth Hurdle -- Every Company  How to Get From an Idea to Reality -- Establishing a rhythm of communication -- Identify and execute on your top priorities  -- Paint your picture and share your dream -- Get alignment of thoughts, culture and strategy -- Identify your vision and hedge hog concept.



Western Roofing Expo 2019 – Booth Draw

Interested in exhibiting? You need to be here! Booth space is awarded based on Priority Points and availability. You don’t want to miss your selection time - or even worse - miss a spot on a sold out trade show floor! Contact Joel Viera, WSRCA Director of Exposition & Events, at 1(800)725-0333 for complete exhibit information.



Vapor Retarders and Air Barriers – the Current Conundrum in the Roof Industry 


Speaker: James Kirby – GAF

James R. Kirby, AIA, is GAF’s building and roofing science architect for the East Coast. Jim has a Masters of Architectural Structures and is a licensed architect. He has nearly 25 years of experience in the roofing industry covering low-slope roof systems, steep-slope roof systems, metal panel roof systems, spray polyurethane foam roof systems, vegetative roof coverings, and rooftop photovoltaics. His experience ranges from forensic investigation to technical writing, speaking, and education. Kirby is a member of AIA, ASTM, ICC, MRCA, NRCA, RCI, and the USGBC.


“All vapor retarders are air barriers, but not all air barriers are vapor retarders.” Wait, what? How can that be? This presentation will provide the practical side of the air barrier and vapor retarder discussion. We will discuss common vapor retarders and air barriers, how they’re installed and the critical installation details. We’ll take a look at some history to show that what installers thought they were doing may not have been what they were really doing. You’ll learn that current installation of vapor retarders and air barriers over concrete, steel, and wood decks require differences in materials and application methods. We will cover what’s new, what’s the same, and what to think about when designing a roof assembly in different climate zones and over different types of occupancies with varying construction types.



The Economics of Safety 

Speaker: Tom Whitaker – Harness Software 

Tom Whitaker is the founder and CEO of Harness Software, the #1 safety management app for Roofers. Based in Toronto, Canada, Tom is a frequent lecturer on the topics of safety and technology in construction. Prior to starting Harness, Tom was part of the founding team at WIND Mobile, Canada`s fourth-largest wireless carrier.


In this session, contractors will learn how a comprehensive safety policy and a well-managed program can lead to lower costs and higher profits. Many contractors are doing the bare minimum when it comes to safety or worse, doing nothing at all. Learn what you should be doing, how top contractors are investing in safety, and where to get help. This session is perfect for companies that are looking to gain a competitive advantage, keep their workers safe, and save money.



What Every Contractor Needs to Know About Asset Protection, Tax Reduction, and Estate Planning

Speaker: Larry Oxenham – American Society for Asset Protection

 Larry Oxenham is one of America’s top asset protection experts, having helped thousands of professionals achieve financial peace of mind by teaching them how to properly structure their assets for lawsuit protection and tax reduction. He has authored and co-authored several articles and books on the subject including The Asset Protection Bible. His career has been credited with helping thousands of people save millions of dollars. Larry Oxenham is a nationally recognized speaker who has trained thousands of professionals at hundreds of conventions, conferences and seminars across the country.


1. Structure business for lawsuit protection and prevention.  2. Reduce liability insurance costs. 3. Minimize taxes. 4. Create successful estate and business succession plan.



What if the Building Code was One of Your Best Friends

Speaker: Keith Schaber – Schaber Roof Consultants

 Keith Schaber’s roofing career began in 1970 and has included being a roofer, estimator, sales rep, and manager of a roofing distribution company. He has been an independent roofing consultant since 1987. Keith served on the RCI Board of Directors for two and a half terms, and has taught classes for RCI and Portland Roofing Contractors Association. His multiple presentations have included bodies such as The Oregon Building Officials Association, Oregon School Facilities Managers Association, Construction Specifications Institute, and other organizations. He is a previous contributor to Western Roofing in the 1980s.


It would be great if everything you need to know about codes for roofs was in one easy to refer to handout. Since it’s not, education about codes becomes important, not only for roofing contractors, but also for all the design disciplines, and any trade whose work affects a roof’s performance--from the inside of the building to the roof itself. Attendees will get a glimpse of why understanding codes is so difficult: for example, the requirement for vapor retarders is in CHAPTER 12 INTERIOR EVIRONMENT, roof slope requirements are located in CHAPTER 16 STRUCTURAL DESIGN, and sheet metal isn’t referred to at all. Examples of how codes may vary from manufacturer’s requirements will be illustrated, as well as examples of the conflicts that variance creates for contractors. Contractors will be walked through the consequences of being code-illiterate, and will learn why CHAPTER 15 ROOF ASSEMBLIES gets no respect from parties outside the roofing industry. Examples of local jurisdictions, conflicts with statewide codes will be explained. The program will conclude with a challenge for Western States to develop broad-based education for contractors, roofing consultants, building officials, owners, and insurance carriers throughout the West.




Legislative Luncheon with Keynote Speakers: Craig Brightup & Reid Ribble 

Presented by: NRCA

Speakers: Craig Brightup & Reid Ribble 


Craig Brightup is Chief Executive Officer of The Brightup Group LLC. Previously, he was Vice President of Government Relations for the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), having opened the Chicago-based NRCA’s Capitol Hill office in 1990. His program covered all federal issues for the $30 billion commercial and residential roofing industry, with an agenda including labor relations, worker safety, health care, energy, environment, transportation, insurance, procurement, regulatory reform, taxes and immigration. During his tenure with NRCA, Brightup’s advocacy and political achievements led to being named to Fortune Small Business magazine’s Power 30 list of “influential insiders” in the nation’s capital, September 2000 issue. Brightup also ran NRCA’s political program from 1990-2008 and continues as treasurer of its political action committee, ROOFPAC.


Reid Ribble is the CEO of the National Roofing Contractors Association. A roofing contractor by trade, Ribble joined Kaukauna, Wis.-based The Ribble Group Inc., a family business in 1975, and became company president in 1980. Ribble served as NRCA chairman of the board from 2005-06 and NRCA’s chairman of the board elect from 2004-05. He also was president of The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress’ Board of Trustees from 2008-10. In 2010, Ribble was elected to the U.S. Congress serving Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District and was re-elected twice. Ribble earned the reputation of being honest and able to work with representatives from both sides of the aisle. While in Congress, Ribble served on the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, the House Committee on Agriculture and Committee on Budget. He authored the Biennial Budgeting and Enhanced Oversight Act aimed at balancing the House budget.


Our favorite Washington insiders will be at the top of their game. You will NOT want to miss their views and inside information at this most important time in the roofing and waterproofing industry. Immediately following the luncheon will be the Nominating Report, WSRCA Retiring Directors Ceremony, and the presentation of the Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarship winners. *Ticketed event



Exhibits and Trade Show – Day 1 

Join the fun on Day 1 with President Don Fry and his wife Dina, as they open the 44th Annual trade show floor on behalf of the WSRCA. The show will highlight the latest equipment and materials used in the roofing, roof deck, urethane foam, waterproofing and allied industries. 


Be sure to stop by the Live Demo Area located in the back corner of the trade show floor and check out the LIVE product demonstrations, starting every hour. 

*There will be a raffle for $100 Visa Gift Card at the conclusion of each demonstration!


• 1:30pm–2:00pm 

Live Demo 1Engineered Polymer Solutions

• 2:30pm–3:00pm 

Live Demo 2Carlisle SynTec

• 3:30pm–4:00pm 

Live Demo 3EagleView

• 4:30pm–5:00pm 

Live Demo 4HAPCO, Inc.



TUESDAY - JUNE 11, 2018




Condensation – Why it Happens – How to Make it Go Away 

Speaker: Keith Schaber – Schaber Roof Consultants

 Keith Schaber’s roofing career began in 1970 and has included being a roofer, estimator, sales rep, and manager of a roofing distribution company. He has been an independent roofing consultant since 1987. Keith served on the RCI Board of Directors for two and a half terms, and has taught classes for RCI and Portland Roofing Contractors Association. His multiple presentations have included bodies such as The Oregon Building Officials Association, Oregon School Facilities Managers Association, Construction Specifications Institute, and other organizations. He is a previous contributor to Western Roofing in the 1980s.


Few parties involved with roofing or re-roofing projects understand how condensation occurs and how to correct the design that led to condensation. Condensation is occurring which in many cases is attributable to tenant activities or type of business, but blamed on the roof. There have been warnings from research which have gone unheeded. Their content and impact will be “translated.”  Redesigning the roof assembly’s function to eliminate condensation is frequently complex and costly. To date, there are only 2 solutions.



OSHA Citation and Inspection Defense 

Speaker: Trent Cotney – Trent Cotney P.A. 

As a Board Certified Construction Lawyer, Trent focuses his practice on all aspects of construction litigation and arbitration, including OSHA defense, lien law, bond law, and bid protests, as well as construction document review and drafting. He routinely represents general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, developers, and others in the construction industry in a variety of matters. Trent has been recognized as one of the leading attorneys in the field by his peers and the construction industry and has received numerous honors and distinctions as identified below. He is the editor and primary author of the Amazon best-selling book OSHA Defense for the Construction Industry.


This course is designed to inform and teach contractors & subcontractors how to improve workplace safety & workplace safety programs; how to document employee safety training; what to expect during an OSHA compliance officer inspection; OSHA citations & what actions must be taken by the contractor & subcontractor.



A Roofers Most Likely EXIT is Selling to Your Family, Manager/s and Employees: How to Capture Your Trapped Wealth, Lower Your Risk & Taxes

 Speaker: Kevin Kennedy – Beacon Exit Planning

Kevin Kennedy is the founder and CEO of Beacon Exit Planning, LLC. He specializes in exit planning and succession planning for private business owners. Kevin founded Beacon based on his own firsthand experience with succession and exit planning for an ENR ‘top 20’ specialty contracting business. As the lead consultant, Kevin Kennedy can help your business develop customized exit strategies to achieve your exit objectives. Kevin’s firsthand experience provides business owners with the tools for the exit plan and succession plan to safeguard their business wealth, groom successors, and orchestrate the successful sale/transfer of the business.


The presentation will demonstrate wealth-protection strategies to protect your business until you are ready to transfer.  The presentation will review legal, taxes, asset protection, valuation and other tools of the trade. Review Five Business-Owner Pitfalls of: 1. Tax Planning 2. Improperly Documented Buy/Sell Agreements 3. Litigation/Asset Protection 4. Unrealistic Valuations  5. Succession Planning Use a case study demonstrating the tax reduction tools with: 6. Internal Revenue codes 7. Trusts  8. Individual Trusts A case study will bring the presentation together displaying how the tools, when coordinated and executed sequentially, can save the owner millions which will be demonstrated in our case study.



A Practical Approach to Low Slope West Coast Wood Deck Roof Systems 


Speakers: James Willits – GAF, Phil Dregger – Technical Roof Services

 Building and Roofing Science Specialist West Coast James has nearly a decade of experience in the roofing industry as an installer, a project manager, a sales person, and a training manager. As the Building & Roofing Science Specialist for the western region, James translates his practical knowledge and experience to building envelope performance, with a strong focus on the roofing materials and the complete roof system. James is well regarded for presenting seminars that cover roofing theories and practice to a range of audiences.


Roofing, waterproofing and building envelope expert Philip Dregger is a Professional Engineer, Registered Roof Consultant, and Fellow of the Roof Consultants Institute. Mr. Dregger has over 30 years investigating, designing, and providing expert witness testimony regarding roof and waterproofing systems. Mr. Dregger has special expertise in code compliance; wind damage; roof drainage; and hydrothermal analysis of condensation and wood decay using WUFI Pro and ASHRAE Standard 160.


Moisture infiltration into a roof assembly is a concern in the roofing industry. When a membrane is installed directly above a wood roof deck (insulation below deck between rafters), the location of greatest potential for condensation is the bottom side of the membrane and the roof deck. Moving from dark colored membranes to reflective membranes reduces the drying potential due to heat gain. In 2013, a modeling study was performed in order to determine the amount of above-deck insulation needed to control potential condensation. A total of 288 simulation models were performed. The conceptual models all included one assumption; that the bottom side of the assembly was airtight. Continued WUFI modeling has been performed, changing variables to simulate more realistic vapor retarders/air barriers on the bottom side of the assembly. Ongoing research shows that preventing air infiltration proves to be a critical strategy towards lowering moisture risk in these systems.



Emerging Issues in Low- and Steep-Slope Roofing (and Waterproofing)

Speaker: Jim Carlson – BET-R / WSRCA Technical Director

Jim Carlson is a long-time member and an active participant of WSRCA. Jim serves as WSRCA’s Technical Director, and provides advice regarding steep and slow-slope roofing, below and above-grade waterproofing, and damp-proofing to WSRCA’s Board of Directors, technical committees, and members. As the founder of Building Envelope Technology and Research, Jim brings 40 years of intensive involvement in roofing, waterproofing, building envelope technology, research, and science to our industry. Jim is nationally respected as an expert in the field, and brings extraordinary knowledge of exterior envelope systems, the related sciences, climatic and environmental influences, and provides a level of service and thoroughness that is second to none.


1. Low-Rise Foam Adhesives -- changes that may revolutionize application of adhesive, insulation, and coverboard;
2. Steep-Roofing Underlayments -- be aware of the current state of the industry (some advance tid-bits: Heat-aging degradation, Slip-resistance, permeability, and Passing the shower test now and some years in future;
3. Rigid Roof Insulation -- the ongoing issues related to knit-line grooves and lack of full facer bond/adhesion to insulation;
4. Opportunities with Waterproofing in Flood Hazard Zones -- FEMA and FM Global Standards and Code Adoption;
5. Polymer Modified Asphalt Roofing -- (what’s going on with sheet thickness, weights, and asphalt compounding as indicated via cold-bend testing?);
6. Are You Really Aware of What’s Allowed with Asphalt Shingles?  -- (weights of shingles, ASTM standard minimums, industry published slope limitations, issues with same, and WSRCA's Steep Committee's recommendations.);
7. Changes in the Codes for Low- and Steep-Slope Roof Drainage -- (and how it can affect you);
8. What’s Going on With Waterproofing? – Above-grade membranes, ASTM Standards (“oh really—where?!!);
9. Concrete Roof Decks -- may not have to be as scary as some think;
10. Ice-Damming -- thought you had it totally solved? You may want to be aware of some interesting related news!
11. Single-Plies -- (Lions, and Tigers, and Bears—Oh my?).


How Technology and a Training Culture Can Attract Millennials

Speaker: Ryan Groth – Followup CRM 

Ryan Groth is the President and COO of Followup CRM, a sales management program for construction contractors. Ryan has a passion for creating championship sales teams with the use of technology and industry best practices.


The Roofing industry is not what most millennials would consider a “lit” or “dope” industry. The Roofing trade sounds boring to them and they want to be a part of something exciting, with purpose behind it. This course is designed to show how creating teams with goals are really important to attracting young talent. In this world of technology, millennials are so familiar with finding the quickest and easiest ways to achieving something. In the roofing business, it’s vital that we create an environment where millennials can grow and do that by providing them the tools they’re using to using to get them there.



Below Grade Waterproofing – What Waterproofing Contractors Need to Know for a Successful Project


Speaker: Ken Klein – Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, Inc.

Ken leads the West Coast Building Technology division of Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc, and is experienced in the design and investigation of waterproofing of commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. His work addresses issues related to the integrity of curtain walls, roofs, plaza deck, and below-grade waterproofing systems on a wide-range of structures from residential and high-rise building to buildings of historic significance. Ken has consulted with architects, contractors, and building owners to analyze and repair water intrusion problems and construction defects. Well known in the industry, he has frequently presented to groups of attorneys, contractors, architects, and other design professional regarding building-envelope design and remediation.


Waterproofing subcontractors should be aware of the design process that architects and engineers go through in selecting and designing below grade waterproofing systems. The process not only includes selecting the most appropriate system for the given site conditions but takes into account the Owners budget constraints and expectations for performance, long term performance history of the system and the viability of a manufacturers warranty. The design process knowledge will allow waterproofing subcontractors to understand what is expected of them and how they can work better with the waterproof membrane manufacturer and design team. In addition the design expectation knowledge will allow the waterproofing subcontractor to work better with the General Contractor to ensure there is a dry site and adequate time to perform the work.



 Contractor Licensing Law and Its Effect on Your Business 

Speaker: Ken Grossbart – The Law Offices of Abdulaziz, Grossbart & Rudman / WSRCA Legal Advisor

Ken is recognized as one of California's foremost authorities in his specialty field of construction law. He is frequently called upon by contractor and construction industry clients for representation in this complicated and ever-changing facet of construction and contracting law. His growing reputation for his expertise in this field has led to being frequently called upon to serve as an arbitrator in major construction-related disputes calling for leadership by a recognized authority in the field.


The subject matter of the seminar will focus on the licensing requirements of various states and the collecting of your money and the possibility of having to return money to your customer should you be deemed to be an unlicensed contractor.



Annual Luncheon with Entertainer: Roy Firestone 

Sponsored by: Malarkey Roofing Products


More than just one talent — and one personality — Roy Firestone’s presentations salute the best within us all. 

As host of ESPN’s Up Close and Up Close Prime Time, Roy Firestone earned the label “best interviewer in the business” from no less than Sports Illustrated. But Firestone’s more than just a sports journalist recognized for his abilities as a commentator and interviewer: he’s also a critically acclaimed comic impressionist, musician, singer and storyteller, enlightening and motivating audiences with stories from the lives he’s covered. Audiences don’t just get Roy Firestone – they get Muhammad Ali, Neil Diamond, the Bee Gees, Johnny Mathis and a dozen other surprise guests in this comedic tour de force of Firestone’s abilities as an impressionist.


Through song, multimedia presentation and compelling stories drawn from the lives of the popular figures he’s covered, Firestone provides audiences with “motivetainment” – showing them how to achieve success and keep pushing forward to reach their own goals, while keeping them uplifted and entertained.



Exhibits and Trade Show – Day 2 

Join the fun on Day 2 of the Western Roofing Expo 2018 trade show. The expansive show floor allows attendees to explore the latest trends, advances in technology and best practices for business growth. From top suppliers and unique resources to unbeatable networking and the best educational conference in the business – the Western Roofing Expo 2018 brings it all together for you like no other event can. Be sure to stop by the LIVE product demonstrations happening every hour.


*There will be a raffle for $100 Visa Gift Card at the conclusion of each demonstration! 

• 2:00pm–2:30pm 

Live Demo 1APOC

• 3:00pm–3:30pm 

Live Demo 2Malarkey Roofing Products



The Roofing Games™ 

Sponsored by: Malarkey Roofing Products


WSRCA and Malarkey Roofing Products® will again team up to showcase the steep-slope nailing competition. Roofers will compete against one another by installing a Malarkey Roofing Products® roofing system on a small deck. Participants will be judged on accuracy, aesthetics, speed, and workmanship. Don’t miss this exciting event to conclude Day 2!