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The WSRCA Roofing Details Manual has been assembled to provide roof designers with technical information regarding proper design and installation of roof assemblies applicable to the geographic region served by the Western States Roofing Contractors Association. (WSRCA)


The information contained in this collection of roofing and waterproofing details represents a consensus of opinion among roofing professionals who operate within the member states of the WSRCA and are intended to communicate general design, generic materials and methods suggested for the majority of installations. It is important to recognize that local climatic conditions may dictate design criteria and application techniques that differ from those depicted in this collection. Specific area practices and details have evolved from various local climatic conditions, which have proven over time as being sound. With the publication of this collection, WSRCA does not intend to exclude the use of these proven localized practices.


The details contained in this manual should be considered general in nature, depicting components, methods and sequences commonly utilized. It is the responsibility of the roof designer to adapt these details to suit specific project conditions.


Roofing and waterproofing technology is continuously evolving and roof designers are encouraged to contact local professional roofing association members for advice concerning recent products, specific techniques and technical information relevant to their particular geographic location. It is the recommendation of the WSRCA that the design of any specific roof assembly be based on careful consideration of all the criteria affecting the specification, application and performance of the roof assembly.